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A professional's look into guns and the firearms industry.

Host: Ursula Williams

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Dec 4, 2020

Many years ago, I quickly discovered what the term "gun bunnies" meant. Typically, they were scantily clad women posing with guns with little to no firearms knowledge. Now with social media booming, "gun bunnies" have transformed into influencers with much farther reach and exposure than real female shooters. In...

Nov 19, 2020

Actor and 2A supporter, Isaiah Washington joins us this week as we celebrate the 100th episode of Center Mass! Listen in as we chat about his adventure in the firearms industry, Hollywood hypocrisy and the drama surrounding his new movie, “Corsicana”. Huge thanks to Troy Industries, Elftmann Tactical, Charger Arms,...

Nov 12, 2020

Since the start of the pandemic, the firearms industry has been working non-stop. This week, CZ-USA’s Daniel Holder and I discuss how wild 2020 has been for gun manufacturers and what that means for you, the consumer. Will it ever get back to “normal”? Tune in to hear our predictions as everything is riding on the...

Oct 30, 2020

On a dark and cold night in 2017, Thomas Yoxall's life changed forever. While driving on a desolate stretch of Arizona highway, he observed a man viciously beating a highway patrolman on the side of the road. Fearing for the officer's life, Thomas pulled over, drew his firearm and eliminated the threat. Listen in as...

Oct 22, 2020

Q's "Honey Badger" and several other models have recently come under attack by the ATF for being "designed to be shouldered", even though they come with an "ATF Approved" SB Tactical pistol stabilizing brace. This week we sit down with Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak of Skillset Magazine to discuss the ramifications of...